Covid 19 Vaccination Clinic

The Covid-19 vaccination clinic begins on March 24th for people who are eligible for phase 1b.

Bookings for the clinic for people eligible for the 1b group begin on the 17th March.


If you are eligible, please call 4454 8060 to book your Covid-19 vaccination appointment.

Additional Information

If you have further questions regarding the Coronavirus vaccination in NSW please go to:

If you have further questions regarding the vaccination that are not answered above, or you are having trouble completing the consent form, book an appointment with your GP.


Prior to attending our clinic please download,  print and sign the Patient Consent Form and Patient Consent Checklist Form.
If you are not a regular patient of Milton Medical Centre please bring an up to date health summary (including past medical history and allergies) from your GP. 
It is important to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and bring your consent forms.